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Wolfe Laboratories Congratulates Olympic Medalist Natalie Dell

WATERTOWN, MA – August 6, 2012 – Wolfe Laboratories congratulates former employee Natalie Dell, who won the bronze medal in women's quadruple sculls in the 30th Olympiad on Wednesday, August 1, 2012. In an email to Wolfe Laboratories, Natalie talked about her Olympic experience,


Natalie Dell holds her bronze medal in women's quadruple sculls at the 2012 Summer Olympics.


"I'm so, so happy. Imagine the proudest and happiest you could ever imagine feeling. Multiply it by 10 and that's what it's like! To have gotten on the podium was an absolute dream come true."


The difficult journey to winning a medal at the Olympic Games is not unlike the lengthy journey of bringing a drug to market as Natalie recounts, "During the medals ceremony, I thought back on the years I spent training in Boston, hoping to one day make the Olympic team. I thought of all the times I asked to re-arrange my work schedule at Wolfe so that I could attend tryouts, and how accommodating and supportive the company was. I thought of the countless setbacks and failures in the eight years it took to make the team. I thought of my competition—many were bigger, stronger and more experienced. Yet, I triumphed because I had the power of support from people like the employees at Wolfe, who supported me long after I left to pursue rowing. The strength of my support system is what set me apart. It's what made the difference."


Every successful endeavor requires a strong team to support it and Wolfe Laboratories is proud to support Natalie and her Olympic dreams. Natalie plans to visit Wolfe Laboratories after returning from the games in London. Read more on Natalie’s Facebook fan page.


Natalie isn't the only Olympic connection at Wolfe Laboratories. Verona (Marjanović) Outerbridge, Associate Director of Business Development and Quality Assurance, participated in the women's luge singles at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. Verona was one of ten athletes that represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in their first Winter Olympic Games as an independent nation.



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