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Values & Mission

Wolfe Laboratories, Inc. is a premier contract research organization that provides integrated translational drug development solutions to the biopharmaceutical industry. Wolfe Laboratories is recognized by global and virtual biopharmaceutical companies as a science-driven organization with a mission to provide outstanding discovery and development services tailored to its clients’ needs for rational formulation development. Wolfe Laboratories’ vision is to improve human health, and we continue to strive towards that goal by embracing our core values of integrity, excellence and teamwork. The company has a high percentage of repeat clients, which is a testament to its long-term commitment of continual investment in its capabilities to meet biopharma’s growing demand for high-quality, integrated early development services.


Commitment to Innovation


Wolfe Laboratories has active internal research projects and collaborations to ensure that it has the most advanced technological capabilities. For collaborations involving small molecule product development, Wolfe Laboratories is exploring mechanisms of variable oral drug absorption as a function of physicochemical properties. Structure-based approaches are being used to effectively design solid forms for optimal drug product performance, the identification of pharmaceutically-relevant forms through comprehensive polymorph/solvate crystallization screening, and the assessment of relevant physicochemical properties in support of form selection. Several known or hypothesized formulation and release mechanisms are being interrogated, including amorphous solid dispersion supersaturation, precipitation of drug from formulation vehicles or gastric media, and drug release kinetics from hydrophilic and lipid systems.


Wolfe Laboratories also is investing heavily in antibody-drug conjugate research, an innovative area that is yielding powerful therapeutics in oncology. Wolfe Laboratories’ research program is in collaboration with professors in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Kansas. The objective of this research is to identify the key chemical parameters of physical and chemical stability of antibody-drug conjugates to inform conjugate selection and formulations.